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Disaster Preparedness: 

Examples and Case Studies

A companion to the book
"Communicating Emergency Preparedness"
Damon P. Coppola and Erin K. Maloney

Boy Scouts of America Promote Emergency Preparedness with Designated Merit Badge

The Boy Scouts of America promotes emergency preparedness among member scouts, their families, and their communities by offering an "Emergency Preparedness" merit badge for member scouts.  Scouts complete a 14-page workbook with their families to earn the badge.

Oregon Uses Comic Book to Teach Younger Audiences about Tsunami Preparedness

The Oregon Office of Emergency Management partnered with Dark Horse Comics to create a visual preparedness booklet that appeals to a younger audience.  

Using Theater to Promote Emergency Preparedness

The Honolulu Theater for Youth (HTC) included a distinct disaster preparedness message at the conclusion of its play "The Balad of Mu Lan" by Alvin Chan.  Participants were reminded to prepare today for disasters that might happen tomorrow by "bow[ing] to the Dao of NOW."  Now is an acronym that stands for Necessities (e.g., a disaster kit), Organization (i.e., making a plan), and Wellness (staying healthy which in turn promotes overall resilience.)  

Hawaii Junior Firefighters Program a Public-Private Partnership

The Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) has published a school-based hazard safety program for over 30 years called the "Fire Fighter's Safety Guide (FFSG)".  The program provides children in public and private elementary schools with the opportunity to actively participate in fire safety education.  The book appeals to children through the use of cartoon imagery, word games and other challenges, and easy-to-read information.  The program appeals to families through the use of coupons and discounts from private sector sponsors.  The program includes guidance for schools on how to use use the guide in their classrooms.

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